Thursday, April 17, 2008

Putting my money where my mouth is

I'm really hoping I don't have to put it all up, but I'm willing to donate up to $300 to replace my student's stolen laptop. See the original post for details. If you can and want to donate, one way is through PayPal. You'll have to enter my email address, If you'd rather donate another way, please email me and we'll figure it out.

Official PayPal Seal

Please understand that I'm really hesitant to ask for anyone's help. This is my first time asking for money on this blog; in fact, this is my first time asking strangers for money since probably 1995, when I was a telemarketer for the Art Institute. That gig lasted less than a week: "Can I count on you to donate $1,000? No? OK, how about $900? No? OK, I understand times are tough. Can I count on you to donate $850? Thank you, sir, $100 would be a generous offer. But we need as much support as possible. Can I count on your donation of $750? No? $700? Hello? Hello, are you still there?"

My hope is to buy the best possible computer and give it to my student next Friday, April 25. (BTW, if anyone knows the student, can you please do me a favor and NOT tell him about this? I'd like to surprise him.)


harriet said...

A donation's on its way. It's not much, but it's all I've got right now. I've also posted about this on my blog. Good luck and thank you so much for setting this up. That kid's story broke my heart.

Cranky said...

Harriet sent me and I am making a small donation--good luck!

Lass. said...

Greetings from Austin, Texas! I also found my way here through Harriet. As a former Chicagoan whose grandparents and mother were all educators, it's my pleasure to make a donation.