Friday, April 25, 2008

Gang humor

Not teaching any classes because of the Prairie State, I got to hang out with colleagues, which I rarely ever do during normal school hours. During lunch today, heard two pretty funny jokes dealing with one of the gangs in our building, the Gangster Disciples (also known as the GD's).
  • "One kid said he was going to run the GD's. I told him that, because he's in special ed, the only thing he'll probably ever run is the LD's."
  • "Some students were talking about getting out of high school and getting a GED. One kid said, 'Well, "I've already got the G and the D, so all I need is the E!'"
Not really all that hilarious, I know, but when you're dealing with gang members and drug dealers and all sorts of misfits, eventually you have to laugh. Or it'll just wear you down.


FreshHell said...

Ha - Educator Humor!! Do the GDs ride the short bus?

Anonymous said...

Yes the GDs ride the short bus and lick the windows.

Anonymous said...

According to wikipedia, the GD's are the largest Chicago-based street gang that has more than 40,000 gang members in the Chicago city area. In the 80s, the power of the Gangsters Disciples was so great that they were bringing in millions of dollars from drug profits alone. So, yah, that's a lot of short buses.

-Chicago Reader

appopt said...

Wow, you guys are a tough crowd. Almost as hard as a class of teenagers.

ImperiaLoyalty said...

... haha, the LD thing was pretty funny Mr. P