Saturday, April 26, 2008

False alarm

Tried to announce the laptop fund to D and some of his classmates today. But it didn't work out.

Couldn't do it in class for various reasons, so I asked the entire class to "stop by after school for a very cool announcement. Trust me, you'll be blown away."

After eighth period, they stopped in. Most of them. I said, "Hang on, I have to run to the office to see if UPS has stopped in yet. I'm expecting an important package." Just my luck, UPS hadn't been there yet. "They're usually here right about now," one of the office staff said. Darn!

I ran back to my room, prepared to announce the scholarship fund for D anyway. But ... he was gone! A bunch of other kids were still there, wondering about my announcement, but he wasn't.

"Sorry, everyone," I said. "False alarm."

Four girls stayed behind and demanded I tell them what all this was all about.

"It's very cool, I promise," I said. "But I can't tell you today."

"Did you get a new job?"
"Did you publish a book?"
"Are you going to be on Oprah?"

The questions came fast and furious. As you can see, my students know about all of my hopes and dreams for the future. (Or not.)

"No, it's not like that. It's not really about me. I mean, I'm connected to this whole thing, but it's really not about me at all," I said. "I'm sorry. And I promise that I'll tell you all about it on Monday."

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A said...

I can't handle the suspense! Looking forward to Monday now.

Have a great weekend!