Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dear Readers of Mr. P,

I am the kid who lost his laptop at school. We've never met, but I would like to thank you all for what you are doing. When I first found out my laptop was stolen I gave up on the world, but now seeing what all of you are doing for this one thing I'm filled with joy, and I plan on doing selfless things when I get older. I'm overwhelmed and I want to do something great with that money. I plan on keeping everyone who donated posted through it all because without you I wouldn't have this opportunity. All of you are wonderful, and again I want to thank you for everything.



appopt said...

His message to me was:
Yeah I still want to thank you for what you did and what you are doing for me. It might not seem big but you've instilled something in me that has helped me grow a little. I also have the letter that I want you to post on your blog thingy so here it is.

actualmalice said...

Awesome. Good kid.

thelass said...

Dear D.,
Hello from Austin, Texas! There are good people in this world...continue to believe that and to BE that. Good luck to you, faraway friend. Lass

Karla said...

Best of luck to you, D.

The world can suck, but it can also surprise you. When you least expect it, strangers can be very, very helpful in a time of need.

Keep us posted on what happens with the money--I'm sure you and your friends will have lots of creative ideas on what to do with it.

harriet said...

I can't say it any better than Lass did above. There ARE good people out there and you CAN be one of them. Good luck!

jenska said...

Hi D,
You are very welcome. It is clear from hearing about you that this gift has gone to the right person.

It is easy to be disappointed by people, situations and life in general -- even as an adult. Ultimately each of us is capable of doing good and bad, and if we all made the right decisions all the time...well, what a great world this would be! So I thank you in return for giving me that chance to do something nice for a complete stranger. Pass it on!

crankygirl said...


I'm so happy that you have a laptop to use. Keep us posted on your progress!


Grandma (formerly MOM) said...

I'm so glad to hear that you plan on doing selfless things. We need you in our lives.
Good luck!