Monday, December 10, 2007

On the Tenth Day at CPS Arne Duncan gave to me ...

... Ten Chi-town Commandments.

To enlarge, click on the image of the document discovered in Da Mayor's office.
Feds uncover Chicago teachers' '10 Commandments'

CHICAGO (ap*) -- Federal investigators have found what they say is a "Ten Commandments"-style code of behavior for Chicago teachers at the hideout of the Chicago boss.

Prohibitions include speaking to the media and taking credit for student successes, while members are urged to vote and treat their own aldermen with respect.

The list was found during a raid on the offices of Richard M. Daley, the current boss and mayor-for-life of Chicago. Investigators were there searching for clues regarding a number of corruption scandals that have rocked the mayor's office in recent years.

It is thought to have been drawn up as a "guide to being a good public servant." Similar lists are expected to be uncovered for police and fire department employees.

Although it has long been established that teachers report directly to their principals and Local School Councils, the document makes clear that the one true boss of Chicago schools is Daley, who says, "I am the Board of Ed." Activities apparently beyond the pale for Chicago teachers are complaining about charter schools and blaming anyone other than themselves for the failure of their students on standardized tests.

The document also makes clear that the union representing teachers must remain incompetent.

Investigators say that the documents seized during the raid--including the Ten Commandments--will give them an insight into how the Chicago Public Schools system operates.

* Read the original article about the mafia's 10 commandments.


subhuman said...

Hilarious. And I was JUST about to post on Daley, too. I'll do that and also link to here, because yours is better.

appopt said...

If I were to make a list of students' (or blog readers') 10 commandments, I'd start with:
Thou shalt not admit that anything thy teacher says is funny.

BTW, since I'm always up for a Daley slam, the link to subhuman's post is here.