Sunday, December 09, 2007

On the Eleventh Day at CPS Arne Duncan gave to me ...

... Eleven songs 'bout teachin'

Thought this would be the easiest post of my 12-days list, but a quick scan through my iTunes found very few songs about teachers or teaching. So it took a while to scour my entire music collection (and the Internet) to find ten songs--songs that mentioned teachers, teaching, or school. Then, I had to find one more to make this list one louder, as in Spinal Tap:
Well, it's one louder, isn't it? It's not ten. You see, most blokes, you know, will be playing at ten. You're on ten here, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, you're on ten on your guitar. Where can you go from there? Where?
1. Van Halen: Hot for Teacher*
Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad,
I'm hot for teacher

2. Pink Floyd: Another Brick in the Wall, part 2
We don't need no education.
We don't need no thought control.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
Teacher, leave those kids alone.
Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!

3. The Clash: Stay Free
We met when we were in school
Never took no shit from no one, we weren't fools
The teacher says were dumb
We're only having fun
We piss on everyone
In the classroom

4. Beastie Boys: Fight for Your Right (To Party)
You wake up late for school man you don't wanna go
You ask you mom, "Please?" but she still says, "No!"
You missed two classes and no homework
But your teacher preaches class like you're some kind of jerk

5. White Stripes: We're Going to Be Friends
And we don't notice any time pass
We don't notice anything
We sit side by side in every class
Teacher thinks that i sound funny
But she likes the way you sing
(Also covered by Jack Johnson, probably the only song of his I'll ever own)

6. Urge Overkill: Dropout
What's the matter with you?
You've been down all day
What happened to you
To make you feel that way?
Baby ain't that a shame when they call you those names
Dropping out from school
Guess it wasn't so cool

7. Ramones: Rock 'N' Roll High School
Well I don't care about history.
Rock, rock, rock' n' roll high school
cause that's not where I wanna be.
Rock, rock, rock 'n' roll high school
I just wanna have some kicks.
I just wanna get some chicks.

8. The Replacements: Fuck School
Laugh in the middle of my speech
Swingin' in the hall out of reach
What a bitch
Fuck school, fuck school, fuck my school

9. Rufus Wainwright: The Art Teacher
There I was in uniform
Looking at the art teacher
I was just a girl then;
Never have I loved since then

10. Fountains of Wayne: Hackensack
I used to know you when we were young
You were in all my dreams
We sat together in period one
Fridays at 8:15

11. G.G. Allin: Teacher's Pet*
I was never that teachers pet, no
I was a radical outside the rest, you know
You never follow the fucking rules
'Cause the teachers were a bunch of fools

Have I missed anything good? Feel free to add songs to this list, which will be turned into the Chicago Teacher Man compilation CD, available in time for the holidays.

* OK, I admit, I don't own songs one or eleven. But how can I keep G.G. Allin off this list?


Anonymous said...

why is it that most songs about teachers are about how terrible the school experience was?

Eric said...

A possible addition: "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam-- "Jeremy spoke in class today," ""bit the recess lady's breast," etc.... Though it doesn't lighten the mood, that's for sure.

middleson said...

wiki has a decent list...

"School's Out" has got to be on any list!

Anonymous said...

It's on the wikipedia list, but I have to specifically mention "Don't Stand So Close to Me"' by the Police!

appopt said...

Ah, maybe this can be a double-CD compilation. Another great song on that list that I forgot about is "I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats. The song is about a school shooting, so it keeps to the theme of nothing but creepy songs about teachers and schools.

middleson said...

"Fall Awake" by Stuart Davis.

And one that I hate, "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance