Wednesday, December 12, 2007

and a thank-you

About a month ago, I emailed a former student with a request: Can you contact one of my current students and give her a pep talk regarding college? I was hoping she'd email the girl and say something about how studying in high school is worth it. I told her that it would be meaningful if it came from her.

Well, here's what this former student of mine, who is currently in her second year at UW-Madison, did:
  • She emailed the girl.
  • She phoned.
  • She visited her here in Chicago.
  • And then, she invited the girl to visit Madison for a three-day weekend.
And these past two days, the girl has been chattering away nonstop about how incredible college life is, how she can't wait to go, how hard she's going to work this school year and next. She spoke to her class about how friendly everyone is, how amazing the classes are, how she even took notes in Arabic class and a literature class. "The class discussion was similar to your class," she told me, "but so much cooler!"

Her classmates were amazed. Hearing about the classes and the dorms and sorority life, one girl said, with just a hint of jealousy, "That ... sounds ... so ... cool."

So, anyway, I'd like to say a great big THANK YOU to Summer. I think you've inspired an entire class of high school juniors with your generosity and time.


Anonymous said... plonka :-) She was great.

The Mom said...

Have you inspired your brother too? He seems so much more settled down this year.