Saturday, January 19, 2008

New slang term #2

This one's not even slang, but I always find it funny when I don't know what the kids are talking about, and then when I do find out, how salty I feel for not knowing.

After school yesterday, a few kids stuck around to present their oral exams.

Two hours after all their friends had left, this group finished and was heading out. "Thanks for staying and doing this," I said, "instead of leaving when everyone else did."

"That's OK," one girl said. "All our friends are just getting fat at OCB."

"OCB?" I asked.

"Yeah, a big group of them went there after school today," she said.

"But what's OCB?"

"Old Country Buffet."


appopt said...

When I think about it, I don't even know where an OCB is. Some suburban strip mall, I imagine. In a poor suburb. But it reminds me: A few months back, three frat-boy types stopped me in Lincoln Park and asked if I knew where an Old Country Buffet was. They were shocked when I told them I had no idea. "There are quite a few good, local dining choices around here," I told them, sounding like the travelocity gnome. But they weren't interested. I guess kids these days just go for that cheap, buffet crap.

middleson said...

i've eaten OCB once, in college and will never return. just thinking of that place and their food makes my stomach turn.

And you used another word I picked up this year..."salty"....well done!

Anonymous said...

A few years back Art Attack and I were in a strip mall in Lincolnwood, and we saw a huge tour bus pull up. Out filed dozens of Japanese tourists heading right into the Old Country Buffet.

What a Hot Spot!


Anonymous said...

Salty? SALTY?!? That's as old school as cracker...