Sunday, January 13, 2008

Four eyes

Two true things about students: They hate change. And they are brutally honest. That said, when I showed up wearing a new pair of glasses, what did I hear from them?

A. "You look like such a nerd!"
B. "Hello, grandpa."
C. "Scary!"
D. All of the above.


Anonymous said...

Came in with a new haircut and was asked "Ms. B.! What happened to your head?!" So much for my hip new look...

me too said...

Wore a somewhat tight-fitting sweater that revealed my gut once and a kid said, "Do everyone a favor and don't wear that sweater ever again."

mr. christian said...

just imagine how they must talk to each other. I would have said "A", but a cool nerd

appopt said...

Actually, the comments went something like this:
Student A: You look like such a nerd!
Me: You mean a cool nerd?
Student A: No way! More like a grandpa.
Student B: Hello, grandpa.
Student C (walking in late and seeing me): Scary.

Later in the day a kid I taught last year peered through my door and said, "I just stopped by because I heard you got glasses. Nerd!!!"

etc. etc. etc.

middleson said...

oh, i love it!!! what would we do without the wit of students to keep us in line!
your post had me laughing.

it goes right along with my post about my beard!