Thursday, January 17, 2008

New slang term #1

"Hey, Mr. P., check it out. I'm ballin'," a girl says as she walks into class. She lifts her sweatshirt to reveal three cell phones attached to her belt. She laughs.

"Wait, what does that mean?" I ask.

"Oh, these are just other people's. They asked me to hang onto them."

"Yeah, but what did you say? Ballin'?"

"Yeah. Ballin'. You know, rollin'. I've got it goin' on."

"Oh." Got that?


middleson said...

"This is the ballin'-est sh!t EVER!"

Haven't you ever seen that Dave Chappelle episode?!?! Hilarious stuff. :)

My favorite terms picked up first semester are
1. hot mess
As in, "That girl was all sorts of a hot mess."

2. skoochie-rat
I haven't nailed down the actual meaning of this one, but it is just VERY VERY fun to say, so I've adopted it.

3. sharkin'
I guess it is the new term for flirting. Can be made into a noun too.

appopt said...

You're right, ballin' is not really all that new. I meant to write a little intro saying that this will be an ongoing series of definitions for all the nonteachers out there. I mean, not too long ago, I said, "Treated!" to one of my friends, and he had no idea what that meant, and I was like, "Um, that word has been used for years and years." So, yeah, if you have any contact with kids, ballin' is familiar.

Anyway, thanks for the other three. Skoochie-rat is a new one for me. I'll post other slang terms in coming days/weeks/months/years. But if anyone has any good ones, you know what to do ...

The Mom said...

They like to say, "you ugly" but it supposedly means pretty. However, when I was kicking out a student from my lab and he walked out saying, "you ugly" I'm certain he meant exactly that.