Friday, October 26, 2007

Where in the world is Chicago Teacher Man?

Note to my 13 loyal readers: I might not post until next Tuesday. Will be out of town until Monday night. But feel free to comment on previous posts. And check in, as I might post something if I find a computer.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures I took today. Can you guess where I took them?

This second one has a clue as to my destination.

Answer is in the comments.


appopt said...

Ah ... another successful attempt at getting people to click on the comments!

I actually took the pictures within a couple of blocks of the school where I teach. I run a little Photo Club, and we took a walk around the neighborhood to take pictures of churches. It turned out to be a beautiful day for photography. The light was perfect. Leaves were changing. Beautiful.

One of my kids made a funny comment. He's Vietnamese, although he was either born here or has lived in the neighborhood since he was little. When we walked up to our fourth church, he said, "Now I know where there are six churches in Chicago!"

Odd, I thought, how people don't notice what's around them. And this is one of the goals of the Photo Club--to get kids to see their world in a new way.

Oh yeah, after work tomorrow, I'm heading west ... to Denver. To visit friends. To celebrate Halloween in the mountains. (Or at least in the bars of Denver, which is in the mountains.) To cheer on the Rocks as they hopefully beat the Sox.

Mrs. P said...

Have fun on your trip!

art attack said...

Can I come and join the photo club, I need to get out and start taking photography again.

Anne said...

Put me on the you have 14 loyal readers! I am a teacher supervisor at UW-Madison and a friend of Melissa's. She told me about this site and I read it for inspiration and laughter. Thanks!

appopt said...

wow ... thank you!
and thank Melissa for me, for telling others about this little blog, and for watching my cat while I partied in Denver last weekend ...

Rich the photoguy said...

Finally! A post about the elusive Photo Club!