Saturday, October 06, 2007

Unnecessary friend

In the weeks leading up to the baseball playoffs, a couple of White Sox fans and I have discussed a way to introduce a new Cubs curse. The plan is to somehow throw a black cat into Wrigley Field during a game. One of my friends even suggested we make one of my former students the fall guy.

As luck would have it, with the way the Cubs are playing, Sox fans won't need any Curse or black cat to spoil the season for the lovable losers and their Lincoln Park fans.

Still, I was thinking about the plan on my walk to work this morning when I spotted an old friend--a little black cat I used to see last year. This was my first encounter with her this school year. She's a friendly little kitty, and she always comes over to say hi. "Guess I won't be needing you this year," I said as I scratched her behind the ear. I noticed she walked away with a limp. Wonder what that's all about.

A couple of blocks later, I ran into another black cat, which also came over to say hello. Wow, two in one day, I wonder if it's a sign. This one also had a problem. One of its eyes was swollen shut. Man, I hate people that abuse animals, I thought.

Still, if the Cubs do miraculously come back, and threaten to win it all, I do know where to find a black cat. The question is, what will be the charge when I'm arrested? Endangering an animal? Cursing the Cubs? Which is worse? And will anyone in White Sox nation offer me a safe house?


Mrs. P said...

I used to like (make that love) reading this blog. Now that you're turning this into a Cub's cursing blog, you've gone too far. Man, I used to think you could actually be a "cool" guy. Not so much now. ;)

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appopt said...

sorry, mrs. p.
if you lived in chicago, if you were from the north side like i am, you too would eventually give up on the scrubs. when they get serious about winning, then maybe i will root for them.anyway, i promise: from now on, this blog will have very little to do with professional baseball

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about Black Cat Friday in Italy? Sick.