Friday, March 07, 2008

Not bad, part 2

My IB students are really something else. They're a small group--only 22, which is down from 28 at the start of the year. Anyway, they're my first period class and my division, so I have two periods of sunshine every day.

Yesterday, when they learned that my birthday had been last week, they actually acted offended and demanded, "Why didn't you tell us?!" When I responded that, at my age, birthdays aren't a big deal, they acted even more offended. "We would've thrown you a party!" At the start of the year I heard that these kids always look for a reason to have a party.

So today they threw me a little birthday party after school. They walked in the room with a cake, singing Happy Birthday. The "fence" comment on the cake is a story for another time, and darn it, somehow my name got smudged in photoshop, but here's my cake:

And here's what the kids did to me when I tried to eat my piece:

It's their tradition, I'm told. Isn't it great that they have traditions? Anyway, after wiping the frosting off my face, I announced, "I have one phrase for you guys: Payback's a bitch."

Now I need a good idea for a prank ...


Anonymous said...

Fail 'em. That'll freak 'em out. Hilarious.

middleson said...

lol....i LOVE it. i love those kids that want to help the teacher celebrate and bring in a cake and i LOVE that they put your face in it. :)