Friday, March 07, 2008

Not bad, part 3

One of my division kids approached me after the cake incident and handed me a birthday card. He's this really bright African-American boy who loves to read and is way-cool but still thinks he has to have a confrontational relationship with teachers. I'm fine with that because, quite frankly, he's right: he's a teenager and adults are the enemy.

I thought I'd share some of what he wrote in the card:
Happy belated birthday Jerk. You should have told us your birthday so we could party, you fool. ... Thanks for all the help even though it's your job. So screw you and burn in hell all of that. Next time tell us Jerk face.
Happy B-day
P.S. You suck at everything except being a great teacher.

1 comment:

freelunch said...

P.S.s like that make a day.

I'll bet it was heartfelt.

Happy belated birthday.