Thursday, November 08, 2007

Report card pick-up day

I used to look forward to them.

I used to dread them.

I used to think they could change student behavior.

I used to think I could see student behaviors reflected in parents.

I used to think they were so important.

Nowadays, after enduring at least 15 report card pick-up days, the only thing I can say for sure is this: Make sure you have plenty of hand sanitizer on hand. Shaking all those hands can sure get you sick.

Today went smoothly. Parents are mostly concerned. Mostly overwhelmed. Raising a teenager is difficult, I suppose.

I have a formula to getting my point across to parents.
  • I say something nice about the kid. They smile.
  • I tell them I'm sure the kid can succeed in my class, with just a little effort. They're eating it up.
  • Then, I whack them with the truth. They believe every word. And the kid just shakes his head, thinking, "I'll get you for this!"
Today I added something new. Whenever a parent thanked me (yeah, it always feels good when they do that), I smiled and said, "No, thank you. You're doing a great job. Now if we could just get this kid to do a great job."

I figure everyone could use a little positive reinforcement.


misty said...

I miss your words

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I was thinking, Misty! Where are you? I am sure I am only one of many fans. Are you OK? (Danielle)

misty said...

I'm out in small town colorado, waiting for the next netflix to come, spending too much time reading blogs ... you?

Anonymous said...

One of my friends started my blog reading. (with justnesting, also on blogspot.) I am in Lexington, KY. I used to have Netflix and I am thinking about picking it up again.

Where o where are you, Chicago Teacher Man? Two fans here are missing you! I need to break down and get an ID. (Danielle)

Mrs. P said...

I was wondering the same thing about CTM. He hasn't even been responding to comments. Odd.

Hope he's okay and maybe taking a long vacation somewhere nice.

yousuf said...

Some of your posts are funny. The other ones are also pretty funny. Thanks.

debcurlydog said...

Yoo Hoo, Chicago Teacher Man, Where Are You???

Mrs. P said...

I think this is a publicity stunt (;

Danielle said...

OK, Chicago Teacher Man, I even procured a Goggle ID to leave comments!! I miss your uplifting and enlightening words. (and this is the time of year I really need them since I am a retail manager....)Hope you are doing well, vacationing, or swept away in busy work unable to respond to your fans. :)