Wednesday, November 07, 2007


One of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures as a teacher is picking up notes I find on the floor and reading them aloud to my classes. You know those little love letters you used to send? Do you like me? Check yes or no. That kind of thing. There's nothing funnier--or more embarrassing--than to have your teacher read a note you may have written moments ago.

I used to find a good one at least once a week. Then text-messaging came along and hand-written notes almost completely disappeared. So, imagine my surprise when yesterday I struck gold. On the way to the exit, right in the middle of the hall, there was a neat little folded paper.

2: you Juan
from: Me Monique


I unfolded the note, read it greedily, and--as the students might say--damn, did I feel salty!
LOOK Well IM a dumb ass 4 reading this I dont even know whos paper this is im a str8 up nosy bitch im an idiot that have nothing to do. NO NO dont look around bitch you just got caught Hoe l.o.l.
admit it you nosy

Guilty as charged. I have to say, the writing's not the best, but the humor is almost sophisticated.


Michael said...

Yeah I would say you were busted!

middleson said...

oh snap!

they flipped the script on ya!!!

mrs. p said...

Treated! ;)

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahaha.... Thats "OC" (outta control- some wisconsin slang for ya).


Anne said...

That is amazing. No way!