Thursday, September 20, 2007

Softball update 1

Lost a doubleheader yesterday, both games by slaughter rule.

Game one: 15-1

Game two: 21-11

After the second game, I told the players I was proud of them. I was being sincere. "Hey, after only two days of practice for some of you, and no practice for a couple of you, this really wasn't that bad. The other team has been practicing for the past three weeks. We actually put some runs on the board and hung in there the second game."

For once, the team was sitting quietly, listening. Most didn't feel all that great.

"Oh, come on," I said. "Raise your hand if you got a hit today." All hands went up. "Raise your hand if you scored a run." Most hands stayed up. "See?"

"Oh yeah?" the team wise guy said. "Raise your hand if you made an error!" Hands shot up.

Someone else added, "Raise your hand if you made a bunch of errors!" There was laughter and some cheering.

"OK," I said, "Let's hear it for the errors!"

This could have gone on for a while: Raise your hand if you struck out swinging (in softball!). Raise your hand if you got caught in a rundown. Raise your hand if you threw the ball away wildly. Raise your hand if you got picked off base. And on and on. I really didn't mind the mess ups too much. Kids these days just don't know baseball. (True fact: Earlier this year, I asked one of my classes how many of them liked baseball. Out of 25 kids, not one admitted to it.)

Later, most players were fairly happy, I guess. Most were excited because one girl had shown up to watch them, and she's not even anyone's girlfriend. (I actually persuaded her to come, saying she was our manager.)

In the end, the team agreed to do the one thing I didn't want to do today: Practice after school. It's a little before 6 a.m. right now. I'm already tired. Sore. Plus, I had promised I'd sponsor the school photography club. Our first meeting? Today after school. Guess they'll be taking pictures of guys making errors.

I just want to get home before 6 p.m.


Mr. Molitor said...

Here's a very depressing article about the state of CPS sports programs in today's tribune. Maybe they could do a series on it with Senn's football program next.,0,6447012.story

appopt said...

thanks ... it's a good article. the situation described is all-too common. in fact, speaking of golf, I recently told my AD that I just bought a set of clubs, that I'm just getting into the game, and she said, "Great! You can be the golf coach!"

The Mom said...

Do you want to leave that "Senn" comment intact?

Anonymous said...

was this game at Amundsen?