Friday, September 21, 2007

Making headlines

Hey, I made the news! Check out this article in the Chi*Town Daily News about blogging teachers. Don't I just sound intelligent?
While this high school English teacher hashes out the occasional bureaucratic complaint, CTM does not focus on administrative ranting. His blog entries are a means of remembering his teaching experiences.

"So much happens everyday that I forget about it," he says.

"I want to remember what happens. I think that my students are kick-ass people and I think that people need to know that."


Anonymous said...

Hey Cool-Teacher,
Read the story about you in ChiTown Daily...
Enjoyed your perspective.
Now I'm going to have to read more about what you have to say, so keep the stories coming.
No pressure though.
A "Spiteful-disheartened" Teacher

appopt said...

All right. Pressure's on!

Christian said...

Should we now start calling you Mr. Chicago Teacher Man? Are you going to start wearing sunglasses all of the time?

"kick-ass" sounds intelligent? I don't know about that but you do come off nicely in the article and you even get the wrap-up quote.

appopt said...

Wow, Christian, are you in my second or fourth period class? Cause those are the kids that don't understand sarcasm. My point was that I sound like a total dumbass. Being a former reporter I should know better than say things like "kick-ass." Anyway, you probably won't recognize me the next time we meet because of those new mirrored sunglasses ...