Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday morning blues

I have no idea what normal people do on a Sunday morning. I am an English teacher, which means my morning (and probably afternoon and evening) will be spent grading papers.

I've procrastinated as long as I could. Did the dishes. Watched stupid Sunday morning news programs with coffee in one hand and the Tribune in the other. Scrubbed my toilet. (Well, I let the Scrubbing Bubbles do the scrubbing.) If I stay home any longer, I'll find a hundred and one things to do instead of grading. So it's off to a coffee shop, where I'll be for the next few hours, grading, grading, and trying not to fall asleep, trying not to get distracted.

If there's one thing I know, students HATE when I don't promptly grade and return their papers. On Thursday, some of my classes had quizzes. On Friday, a couple kids asked what they got. When I told them I hadn't graded them, that I had taken them home and left them there, there was a moment of disbelief. "I hate when teachers don't return a quiz I know I did good on," my biggest trouble maker said. This is a kid who rarely pays attention, rarely turns in homework, and all of a sudden he's demanding that I do my job. Sheesh.

I've got more on this subject, but I know that sitting in front of this computer is just another diversion. I must be off. But first a shower ...

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