Sunday, August 16, 2009

English class is

A couple of years back, I wrote about an Application for English Class that I have students fill out. The schools and even countries may change, but my teaching techniques don't. I have modified the application a little, resulting in some different humorous responses I can share.

Students have to plug in personal information and answer questions like "What are your strengths and weaknesses in English class," "List three things that make your extraordinary and/or different from others," and "What (or who) motivates you to pursue your goals?"

Here are some of my favorite responses to the final question, "Complete this sentence: English class is ..."
  • like chocolate. Its flavor remains even after it's over.
  • necessary for my future.
  • where you get to excell and learn an universal language.
  • cool, OK, coolest, good. one of my favorite classes.
  • very interesting compared to other classes.
  • a short story.
  • like a woman, you must cherish every moment before she walks off.
  • going to be tough but totally awesome!!
  • a piggy bank.
  • everything the teacher and students make it
  • a training ground for oblivious minds.
  • a philosophy.
  • where we learn how to transfer emotions into words.
  • ironic, in how its overall greatness cannot be put into words.
  • fun when we don't do Shakespeare.
  • an interesting class but very tricky and difficult where I have to be really confident and attentive.
  • scary and stressful, but necessary.
  • a lighthouse in a weather of mist is about to come in any second.
  • a mystery
  • a series of thriller movies that makes me awake all the time with tension.
  • a bittersweet symphony.
  • boring unless the teacher is fun.
  • a mobile phone (it helps people to communicate with one another)
  • not an elective.
  • English class is a tribunal and I am the criminal being persecuted.
I sure am glad they don't come in with any preconceived notions.

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